Your Invited! Come see me speak on the 29th of January at a Breakfast learning Event!

07 Jan Your Invited! Come see me speak on the 29th of January at a Breakfast learning Event!

You are Invited!

RSVP for FREE as a VIP Guest of Now CFO and Traction INC. ($299.99 Value)

  Presents the Entrepreneur Education Series events for 2015.

Are you running  your  business, or is it running you?

Please join us for breakfast on January 29th for the first of our quarterly education workshops specifically designed for small to medium sized business owners and their leadership teams.

                 Chris Hallberg, from Traction INC. Colorado’s first EOS Implementer, will openly share the critically acclaimed Entrepreneurial Operating System, a simple holistic way for your to align, manage, and synchronize all the moving parts of your business.

You are either part of the 95% of Businesses that are still “Making things up as you go” or you are part of the 5% that are following a proven system.

What group do you think gets more from their business?

Ask yourself these 4 simple questions……………

  1. Am I getting the full value out of my leadership team?
  2. Do I love my work and still have time to enjoy my life?
  3. Am I growing the business as i would like?
  4. Am I as profitable as I would like?

If you answered Yes to all of these, you may not need a FREE BUSINESS OPERATING SYSTEM.  If you answered NO to any of the four questions, then you should attend this learning event!

You will leave with a new understanding of what EOS is and how it can help you “Break through the ceiling” and get your business to the next level.

All Workshop attendees will receive their own workbook, with FREE simple tools that you can use later in the day in your business to crystallize your vision, gain traction, and get healthy as a leadership team.

Event Details:

Date:  1/29/2015
Time: 7:30 to 8:00   Registration and Networking (Breakfast Catered)
8:00 to 9:30   Workshop
   9:30 to 10:00 Networking and presenter questions

Location:   1999 Broadway Denver, Colorado  80202 (Mezzanine conference room)

Fee: $299.99 Per Attendee (FREE Attendance with VIP Invite from NOW CFO)


This workshop is presented by NOW CFO Denver partner Jennifer Wageman  to learn more about NOW CFO visit:


EOS is based on the Critically acclaimed book TRACTION-GET A GRIP ON YOUR BUSINESS by Gino WickmanEOS or the Entrepreneurial Operating System is a simple, holistic set of tools that help align and synchronize the moving parts of a small to medium sized business.
“Chris’s guidance and leadership has helped us reach several critical business operation decisions, clear core values and a simple, yet powerful business plan.  We considered self-implementing EOS, I’m thankful we hired Chris to lead us.  Our business is new to the EOS process, yet in three short months the clarity and accountability are amazing!”– Ron Keifel
Cycling Legend and Owner of Wheat Ridge Cyclery
The EOS Model.
To the degree you can strengthen the SIX KEY COMPONENTS of any business, the same 136 Problems we face are actually SYMPTOMS of one of the Six Cores being weak.Strengthen the component, and the problems simply disappear!
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