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9 Years of military service (1990 to 1999. Part time National Guard, MP Squad Leader)

6 Years of public service (1993 to 1999. Full time Corrections Officer/Deputy Sheriff)

10 Years of Sales and Marketing Success ( 1999 to 2009. Sales Professional (#1 Rep in revenue), Sales Mgr. ( from $3M to $8M in 3 years)  Sales VP ($9M to $20M in one year)

5+ Years of Entrepreneurial Success ($2M Start-up in 2009, sold business in 2011, Started new company consulting with Entrepreneurs and their leadership teams.  In Early 2014 founded Traction INC. to focus Full time as one of 65 Professional EOS®  Implementers nationally)

Chris Hallberg and Gino Wickman

EOS® Creator Gino Wickman and Chris at the EOS Quarterly Collaborative Exchange in Detroit, MI.



When you make the decision to be a great company, you need a strong implementer that can handle all of the very real challenges that come with change. The best very Implementers “Enter the Danger” and tackle issues head on.

You know your company, it’s people, their egos, and it’s challenges.  Getting everybody on the same page without a proven system implemented is EXTREMELY difficult. That’s why roughly 95% of Businesses fail in the first 5 years.

This transformational system, along with the right guidance can make your journey to mastery of the 6 six key components of your business be very simple and rewarding to implement.  When everybody puts the company first, and get’s to work, EOS® not only provides great financial outcomes due to increased Business Execution (Traction® .), this experience also strengthens great business relationships that endure.

Sometimes the truth is difficult to face. This is where having someone very experienced and comfortable with potentially uncomfortable situations and conflict makes all the difference.  Chris believes that the right answer is almost always In the room, you just have to know how to get it out.

The very best session work, followed up with actionable tools that provide INSTANT TRACTION with lasting results. Chris has a mid session phone review with his clients, and is always available for questions or counsel.



12 Years of Entrepreneurial Success (1998 to 2010. Owner/operator of businesses in the recreation, hospitality and consulting sectors)

6 Years of Business Coaching & Consulting (2011-Current)

Christy is a business builder, soulful strategist, quick study and inspired problem solver. She is passionate in the pursuit of real results and conscious leadership.

For 25 years, Christy’s perpetual energy and entrepreneurial fortitude has helped organizations embrace change, improve culture and drive performance. Her insight and deep commitment penetrate the heart and soul of those organizations who seek her counsel for the purpose of accelerating growth, driving meaningful outcomes, and improving organizational health.

Christy’s success stems from her ability to navigate her clients through a variety of disciplines—strategic planning, organizational and operational effectiveness, business development and strategic communications—to achieve tangible results. She is an experienced EOS Implementer, bringing a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools designed to help leadership teams clarify, simplify and achieve their vision.

Raised in an entrepreneurial household, Christy has owned and operated three businesses in the recreation, hospitality and consulting sectors. Originally from Minnesota, Christy now calls Denver, Colorado home. She graduated with a BS from Colorado State University and completed her Masters in Management at the College of St. Scholastica with a focus on Change Leadership.

EOS® Implementor



8 Years of Strategic Leadership Experience (Regional commercial real estate firm sold to CBRE in 1997, privately-owned hospitality and real estate holding company, regional entrepreneur services

21 Years of Entrepreneurial Success (Founded Guide Studio, a Cleveland-based wayfinding, branding and communications firm that she still owns but no longer runs day-to-day)

3+ Years of Business Training, Coaching & Consulting (including Entrepreneurs’ Organization Accelerator Trainer)

Rachel is a secret weapon, agent of change, energetic facilitator and overall badass (says her clients). She is committed to meeting entrepreneurs where they are in their journey to make the concepts and tools accessible while bringing sanity and scalability to their business.

Having started her business at age 25, Rachel has been through it all, honing her business survival skills with a sharp focus on intentional growth and creative, visionary solutions to business and personal challenges.

These experiences, paired with the EOS methodology, provide a wealth of tools and perspectives to aid owners of emerging businesses* in their entrepreneurial journey. She expertly right-sizes the content to meet businesses where they are while staying true to the EOS process. Her experience as a global Accelerator Trainer using the Rockefeller Habits enhances her ability to explain and demonstrate concepts and make them immediately applicable to her clients.

Rachel is not afraid to ask the tough questions and help teams navigate the complexity of relationships and miscommunications, She pushes people beyond their comfort zone within the space of safety and support, helping them achieve what they didn’t think was possible.

Rachel frequently draws from her 20+ years in branding and wayfinding. She views branding as the foundation for successful business vision and values and guides her clients to think deeply on their culture, positioning and goals. Additionally, she leverages her work as a wayfinding consultant to help entrepreneurs find their way toward reaching their goals with authenticity and intentionality.

Raised by teacher parents, Rachel has an insatiable quest for learning. She graduated with a BFA from Kent State University and has pursued additional instruction at DeVry University and the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and is a trained facilitator. She is currently writing “The Wayward Entrepreneur’s Guidebook,” a reference manual for surviving the entrepreneurial trek. Originally from Ohio, Rachel and her husband and son pursued their love of the mountains and new adventures and relocated to Colorado in 2018. Learn more about Rachel at rachelbizguide.com.

*Rachel’s sweet spot is working with businesses between $250,000 and $3 million in revenues.

EOS® Implementor

Chris, Christy and Rachel have experienced much in their dynamic careers.  When you have been tested like they have, you gain a unique people perspective, not easily found everyday in business. Couple that perspective with humble confidence, a great sense of humor, and an inspirational personality, and you’ve got a rock solid team to lean on.

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